Active Seating

We are pretty proud of our selection of kneeling desk chairs and active sitting stools and chairs featured in this section. Not sure what active sitting is? Read on and revolutionize your workstation!

Hands down leader in the active or healthy sitting arena is Hag. We all know it's not healthy to stay parked in your chair all day. Active sitting chairs and stools encourage natural movement while seated - rocking, balancing, and using core muscles. By sitting in a kneeling desk chair or a movement stool and combining them with an adjustable height sit-to-stand desk, you'll experience improved blood circulation, better focus, and correct posture as a few of the many benefits.

Not sure about which way to go? Call us at 888-355-4999. We have several in house ergonomists that would love to chat with you. Most of the product pages include informative videos about the active sitting benefits of these kneeling desk chairs and ergonomic stools for standing desks.