Bambach Classic Plus Ergonomic Saddle Stool with Backrest

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The Bambach Saddle Stool was created in 1988 by Mary Gale, an occupational therapist who was a lifelong horseback rider. She used riding in some of her treatment plans and began to see that patients with back issues could sit comfortably and completely unsupported on horseback. It is now well-known that sitting in a saddle allows the spine to return to its natural 'S' shape, preventing stress and pain on the muscles and skeleton. This ergonomic saddle chair with a backrest keeps the hips at the most ergonomic angle of 45 degrees, allowing back and thigh muscles to be most relaxed. It also has a unique high-rise back design that provides stability and comfort. Bambach Stools are highly sought after in the dental industry because of their ergonomic benefits, but they can also be used in any office setting. Check out the video tab above for more information on this ergonomic saddle chair with a backrest.

  • The Bambach Classic Plus is an ergonomic saddle chair with a backrest for larger frames, featuring a 17" seat.  See here for the Plus without Backrest
  • Choice of large or ergo backrest
  • Seat has adjustable height and tilt
  • Complete ergonomic saddle chair comes with a backrest, a choice of cylinder height, a standard base, and a choice of wheels for hard or carpet floors
  • Standard fabric is a durable medical-grade synthetic leather called Naugahyde
  • Double reinforced stitching
  • Unique high-rise back design
  • Optional Foot Ring
  • Optional Belly Bar armrest on left or right side
  • Optional foot-operated height adjuster allows for hands-free height adjustment. Ideal for surgical environments where hands need to be kept sterile

Naugahyde Upholstery: Fawn, Cocoa, Feather, Lake Louise, Deep Sapphire, Black Satin










Seat Width:
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Seat Height From Floor with Short Cylinder:
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