Reception Desks

Is it true that your customers first impression might be the most memorable? Why take a chance? If your reception area is looking a little 'tired' or if you are doing a new space, may we suggest that you look at one of our reception desks? We feature affordable ready to go reception desks in both laminate and wood veneer finishes. 

The reception units that we carry most often require some limited assembly but this also makes delivery easier given that several 'flat pack' bundles arrive versus a massive desk! All drawer pedestals arrive set-up. You merely have to assemble the desk shells and counter surfaces which go together with cam fasteners and pins. Only a simple screwdriver is needed.

We can also supply you with wood finish samples as well as a multitude of matching companion pieces such as guest seating, conference tables and desks. Let our designers help you out! We can make it very easy and can also arrange installation in most any market. Please call us M-F 8AM - 5PM Eastern 888-355-4999.