Big & Tall / Heavy Duty Chairs

Big and tall and heavy duty office seating is a true specialty category. The big and tall/heavy duty chairs in this office furniture section are rated for at least 300 lbs. Some of these chairs are also rated 24/7 which includes heavy duty office chairs that also have an added rating that warranties them for 24/7 use (more than the 40-hour work week). Most office chairs carry weight limits of 250 lbs. and their warranties cover a 40 hours per week. If you do not see a weight specification listed on a product it's pretty safe to assume that the limit is 250 although some are only rated for 200 lb. users. We make special efforts throughout our site to list the weight capacities on each product page. Certain manufacturers, such as Humanscale and Knoll build all of their chairs to accommodate sitters in the 300 pound range and many of their chairs are also 24/7 rated. Browse our selection of heavy duty chairs and bariatric office chairs below to find one that suits your needs today and if you have any questions about their weight or 24/7 rating, please let us know.