Privacy Screens

To safely return to today's modern open-plan workspaces and offices, there is now a great need to separate space and create more private and hygienic work areas. We carry a comprehensive line of privacy screens. Screens for worksurfaces and cubicles have freestanding bases, clamp-on or more permanent, screw-in options. Floor models double as room dividers, while also protecting. Lastly, freestanding sneeze guards specifically for reception, retail countertops, banks etc. are used for employees with public facing positions. These privacy desk and cubicle screens are constructed from health-grade materials that can stand up to harsh cleaning products. These dividers protect employees and cordon-off workspaces in any context. In times of health crises, when keeping employees safe is paramount, these easy solutions, many with quick ship options, are the way to go to make adjustments to existing office designs.