Medical Recliners

We carry an ever-growing category of healthcare recliner chairs that focus on patient comfort and health, as well as durability in a 24-hour setting. These medical-grade recliners exude an inviting, homelike aesthetic that brings residential warmth to clinical environments. Our hospital recliners are extremely popular. Companies like Stance, KNU/La-Z-boy, and GlobalCare have created medical-grade recliners, perfect for patient rooms where the need for comfort and special allowances need to be made. With a multitude of options, these healthcare recliner chairs help patients with mobility issues, allowing them to be put in positions needed for treatments. These medical reclining chairs are also hugely beneficial to family members/visitors who sleep in the hospital room overnight by the patient's bedside. We offer a huge array of easy-to-clean vinyl options for these hospital recliners, many of which are medical-grade 'Healthcare Vinyls' with antimicrobial properties and fluid barriers. Check out our healthcare recliner chair offerings and let us know if you don't see a fabric or option you're interested in as we can provide a myriad of options not shown!