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BackApp is a company out of Sweden, the brainchild of Dr. Freddy Johnsen. After having three back surgeries, he developed the idea for an active seating sit stand chair based on a balance board, which is a device usually used for athletic training, brain development, and physical and other therapies. Along with designer, Jostein Magerøy, he created and patented the Backapp sit stand chair and the Back App 360 Board. His revolutionary company's mission is "to develop, manufacture and sell chairs that exercise the stabilizing muscles of your back while you are sitting, in order to improve the health and well being of people around the world". This ergonomic office stool is truly unique in its design and made from quality materials, as is usually the case with Scandinavian design!

The NEW Backapp Hipp chair, like the Backapp is to be used with sit-stand desks and as a support chair when you would like some kind of 'minimal' support when standing. As a support chair it gives you just enough support to take the weight off your spine and lower torso but also energizes your body as if you were standing entirely without any support. Once seated on the HIPP sit-stand chair, with your feet on a footrest padded with a soft damping material, you rock slightly, always in motion as you are attempting to balance your body. This gentle movement, exercises the muscles that support the spine, building strength and in a way, massaging them and pumping essential lubrication to your body's joints and tissues. The base is injection molded high strength, low flexibility fiberglass enforced PP (polypropylene) compound. By turning the ball you can increase or decrease the degree of tilting movement the chair gives you while in use. Counter clockwise you get more movement, clockwise less movement.

The balance board concept is increasingly being used to increase holistic health in a myriad of ways - to expand neural networks that enable the left and right hemispheres of the brain to communicate with each other, thereby increasing its efficiency; to develop sensory integration and cognitive skills in children with developmental disorders; to teach singers optimal posture for the control of air-flow; and to shake off writer's block and other inhibitors of creativity. It's easy to see why the Back App products would be so beneficial! We were extremely impressed by the HIPP Chair quality and comfort level when our designers tried it out! Norwegian design. Produced in Sweden. Ships FREE in 2 weeks.

  • Made from recycled plastics, easily dismantled and recycled
  • Plastic parts are labelled according to ISO 11469. All fabrics are Oeko-Tex-certified
  • Seat made of injection molded soft touch, high strength, high flexibility PP
  • Ventilated and comfortably shaped to fit the human anatomy
  • Seat support is injection molded high strength, low flexibility fiberglass enforced PP housing with PP actuator handle to raise and lower seat
  • Pneumatic Cylinder stroke range is 260 mm / 10,2” 
  • Dampening ring under the footrest is made of soft TPE rubber that ensures a smooth movement.
  • To be used as a sit to stand sitting device not with a regular height desk
  • 250 lbs. user weight capacity
  • Five (5) years limited warranty for normal use (8 hours per day) of persons weighing up to 250 lbs.


  • Overall height 26” - 35.8”
  • Overall width 16.96”
  • Sitting height 22” - 32.3”
  • Seat width 15.75”
  • Seat depth 13.9”


Do you have back pain?

Get healthy with Back App! On Back App you exercise while you sit. We guarantee a stronger back! More than 70 000 people are sitting on Back App today. Try it out!

Users love Back App!

Like so many professionals, I spend more time than I'd like to think in front of a computer. The trick to staying healthy is getting the right equipment - which I've now done through Back App. No more back pain, stiff neck or shoulders!
Christine Brown-Quinn, Managing Director 

Back App helped me to open my posture and keeps me moving during the day. After sitting on Back App I’ve become more flexible and my back ache is now gone. Just wish I had come across Back App years ago!
Andy Mather 

Back App is amazing! Even after only a few days of using the chair, I could feel the difference in my posture as muscles – unknown to me before – started to work to hold my back in a straighter position.
Dora Roszik-Csendes

Scientifically Documented Effects

On Back App you exercise while you sit.
You get a stronger back and stronger core muscles.
You prevent and reduce back problems.
The Back App effects are tested in scientific studies. The results are published in scientific publications like Manual Therapy and Ergonomics.











Stronger Back Guarantee When you sit on Back App we guarantee you a stronger back. If, for some reason you should not feel an improvement after 45 days use, you can return the chair and receive full refund. The chair must be returned undamaged in original packaging. Return shipping paid for by the customer. Stronger Back Guarantee form. Product Guarantee Back App AS guarantees Back App chairs for 5 years of normal use. Normal use is use in offices or homes by people weighing 110 kg or less. The guarantee covers construction faults and covers broken parts, which will be replaced. Back App AS requires that complaints are reported according to Back App AS system for complaints. In order to approve the complaint we need: 1. Photo(s) of the fault(s)
 2. Photo of the label on the chair with production date and serial numbers
 3. Statement about normal use