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The Varier Zero-Gravity Balans reclining chair is certainly not the 'recliner' you might recall your grandpa having when you were a kid. Yes, some have come a long way! Others have remained pretty much the same. The Varier Zero-Gravity Balans reclining chair is a minimalist recliner that performs in four (4) different positions depending upon the mood and, oh yes, the task! Lean forward and this minimalist recliner will function like a traditional kneeling chair. Lean back a notch and it's a traditional 'hanging out' kind of chair. Back again and it's the ideal position for reading or watching video. Lean all the way back, and voila, it's zero gravity! Take a nap, meditate, or rest. It will cradle you in a position of near weightlessness. We urge you to take a minute and watch the video below in the video tab for the best presentation of what this unique minimalist recliner/kneeling chair does. Previously marketed under the Stokke brand, the Varier Zero-Gravity Balans reclining chair is the result of evolved branding and is the original style and model.

Try the Varier Zero-Gravity Balans reclining chair today in that tucked-away office corner or loft space. This minimalist recliner will turn a short snooze into a rejuvenating rest. With your legs positioned above your heart and your frame in zero gravity, a nap just could not be any healthier! Requires some assembly. 7-Year Varier Factory Warranty on the Varier Zero-Gravity Balans reclining chair frame.

  • Design by Peter Opsvik
  • Scandinavian design. Made in Europe. Stocked in the U.S.
  • Laminated ash frame in a natural finish
  • Black Revive fabric creates a smooth and cool surface foundation
  • Wood is from highly sustainable forests
  • 4 positions include work, rest, recline, and zero gravity
  • HR polyurethane foam cushions upholstered in a huge list of textiles
  • Adjustable sliding padded headrest

Revive Fabric: Blue or Black on Natural Wood


You haven't lived until you've used one of these chairs. I so look forward to experiencing my Gravity Balans every chance I get. It's an old friend who allows me to completely let go and experience the subtle movements and shifts in my own body. And the way it opens up my spine is unlike anything I've experienced in another chair. 5-stars for sure! 

Ben Kahloway



Relax into weightlessness. Fully recline and relax into zero gravity weightlessness as the chair becomes one with your breathing. 


Cradles your body. The backrest and adjustable neck-rest supports your upper body and keeps it perfectly cradled.


Encourages a neutral spine. When upright, the chair tilts the pelvis forward, encouraging an upright, neutral spine, which activates and strengthens abdominal and back muscles.




28.75"W x 53"D x 48"H
Working Upright Seat Height Position: