Jobri Jazzy Memory Foam Kneeling Chair

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The Jobri Jazzy kneeling chair has a memory foam and back support design that encourages an upright posture and will strengthen your core muscles as you work. Stop slouching and try the Jazzy Jobri kneeling chair! This memory foam kneeling chair with back support will help you sit straight and will ease the tension in your shoulders and neck ending discomfort and pain. This chair is often 'knocked off' by versions of lesser quality, but this is the original high-quality 'kneeler' from the folks who specialize in a myriad of back care products. Strong Factory Warranty. Don't be fooled by the low-quality imitations of this kneeling chair with back support, buy the original from Jobri.

  • Metal tubular frame and components
  • Thick Visco-elastic memory foam seat and knee pads
  • Polished aluminum 5-spoke base
  • Multi-surface twin disc casters work on carpets and hard floor surfaces
  • Pneumatic lever-operated seat height adjustment
  • Black stretch knit textile covers move with the visco-elastic foam when compressed and is easy to clean
  • High–impact black resin base
  • Adjustable back (removable)
  • 280 lb. user weight capacity

Design Studio Note: This Jobri Jazzy kneeling chair is best suited for users 6" and under due to the spacing between the knee pads and seat. The seat and knee pads can only be adjusted 'height-wise' in unison not independently. This memory foam kneeling chair with back support is probably best utilized for use in shorter sitting increments, it is not designed to be used for 8 or more hours per day. Most kneeling chairs perform best for their users if the user alternates between a traditional office chair and a kneeler. Remember that it's all about movement and changing positions. The Jobri Jazzy kneeling chair features adjustable/removable back support and highly desirable Visco-elastic memory foam. The chair is standard with premium multi-surface casters.

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Jobri warrants their product to be free from material defects for a period of 5 Years to the original buyer. Foam and fabrics are warrantied for a period of two years. Jobri reserves the right to repair or replace product at their own sole discretion.