ONGO Active Seating

The world and everything in it is in motion. Ongo was developed by an architect and project developer who was interested in active sitting as a means to have continuous physical training in small increments throughout one's day. He further developed a stool with a round base, adding a ball track in the ONGO®Seat. The ball rolls in a circle, giving acoustic feedback and encouraging active sitting on the stool. This movement strengthens the back and spine muscles building health everyday. ONGO stools from Germany are the perfect companions for your sit-to-stand desk or counter height applications. Not quite sitting and not quite standing you'll want to give active seating a try. Ships Free in 2 Days. Stocked in North America. 3 Year factory warranty. (Both the Classic and the STAND can also be used for simple sitting.)   

      ongo.jpgONGO Active Sitting


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