Nuvem Leather Executive Chair

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The Nuvem Leather Executive Chair by Eurotech is unmistakably modern and bold. This modern leather office chair features three reclining positions, a tilt lock and back angle adjustment. Included in the price of the chair is an ottoman and laptop/tablet arm. The ottoman matches the leather color you select for the chair. This Eurotech executive lounge chair recliner comes in black leather with a polished aluminum finish or a white leather with teak wood finish frame. This chair is fairly large and if delivered to a commercial or residential location without a dock, lift gate fees will apply.


  • Tilt Lock
  • Back Angle Adjustment
  • Three Reclining Positions
  • Includes an ottoman and laptop/tablet arm built into the chair
  • Offered in two genuine top grain leathers 
  • Frame offered in a teak wood finish or a polished aluminum finish
  • Engineered Monomer Casting Nylon Frames
  • High Density Soft Supporting Memory Foam
  • Super Soft Temperature Adjust Tech Foam
  • Imported Genuine Top Grain Leather Cover Front and Back
  • Designed by Neil Wu
  • Greenguard Certified
  • Ships in 1-2 Business Days by truck, lift gate fees apply

Specifications :

  • Overall 32.5"W x 32.3"D x 40.75-43"H
  • Seat width 23"
  • Seat depth 19.7"
  • Back height 25.6-28"
  • Seat height range from floor 17.3"


Eurotech Nuvem Chair w/ Optional Wood or Aluminum Frame White Or Black Leather

If you are seeking the ultimate in style, sophistication and comfort, then look no further than the Eurotech Nuvem. The Nuvem is available in white leather with a teak wood finish or black leather with an aluminum frame, and comes standard with a matching ottoman.  You can sit in comfort thanks to tilt lock and back angle adjustment, plus the Nuvem allows you to integrate the latest technology into your seating with an included laptop/tablet arm. Now that’s a stylish workstation! The Nuvem provides everything you would expect in top-of-the line seating for an investment that’s at least half the price of its closest competitor; just another reason its striking, timeless design will be a beautiful, and smart addition to any home or office.




New Body Fit
Sub-Skating Recline Ergonomic Design

This Nuvem design allows for a 2.7 to 1 ratio when you recline, which means that for every 2.7 degrees your backrest reclines, your seat will recline 1 degree.  The purpose of this design is to ensure you are always sitting in an ergonomic position. Not only that, when you recline and change your backrest angle, the lumbar region will remain in the same position for ultimate back support.

  1. Seat Skating down and backward
  2. Ration of backrest recline angle vs seat angle change = 2.7°:1
  3. Body fit with backrest movement, lumbar retains same position

With the Nuvem’s stageless memory position locking feature simply recline to your desired ergonomic position and set it to memory by turning the control button backward.  To change to other positions just turn the control button forward which will free the backrest to move to any location.  When you leave the chair, the backrest will automatically move back to its original position, but the next time you sit down the Nuvem will remember and return to the last position you set.


Set Lock

Retruns to original position



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LIFETIME WARRANTY Eurotech assures you of total customer satisfaction: Eurotech warrants to the original purchaser all components for the life of the product with the exception of upholstery and foam, which will be warranted for five years. Eurotech warrants to the original purchaser that all parts will be free from material defects. Eurotech will repair or replace, at its option, any unaltered components. Customer's own material is NOT warranted. Warranty is limited to a forty hour work week, 250lb. weight limit. The warranty is limited to replacement of repair and does not cover cost of transportation and labor. There are no other warranties expressed or implied other than those specifically described. Eurotech shall NOT be liable for consequential or incidental damage arising from any product defect. Fabrix Custom Upholstery Fabrix by Eurotech assures you of total customer satisfaction. The following information applies to the Fabrix line: Fabrix by Eurotech's Lifetime Warranty warrants to the original purchaser all components for the life of the product with the exception of upholstery and foam, which will be warranted for five years. Please call or contact our Customer Service for details or a copy of the warranty. Fabrix by Eurotech will honor any quantity providing we have sufficient inventory. Please check with Customer Service at +1.800.637.0005 If you have any question or comments about our privacy practices, you can contact us at