Fríant Shield Freestanding Mobile Markerboard Floor Screen

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Fríant Shield Freestanding Mobile Markerboard Floor Screens are attractive additions that can be used to ensure maximum privacy and safety for each employee, acting as office sneeze and cough guards. Easy to clean, these markerboard screens will work as shields between workers and work areas, while also being used for notes, drawings and plans. This model comes with casters for easy mobility. See here for the Fríant Shield Freestanding Markerboard Floor ScreenShips for free in 4-5 weeks. Bulk pricing in cart for 2 or more panels. Save 10%.

**All Friant panel and barrier orders are final when placed. Orders cannot be cancelled nor can this highly specialized product be returned (unless deemed defective) If you need to make ANY changes to your order, please contact us within the first 24 hours, otherwise changes will not be possible.

  • Dimensions are actual
  • Markerboard is 3/4” thick
  • Can be written on using dry erase markers (sold separately)
  • Legs are cloud white, casters are white
  • Includes 4 locking casters
  • Friant Limited Lifetime Warranty


  • Heights 45", 53", 60"
  • Widths 42", 48"
  • .75" thick








LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY This warranty is given to the initial purchaser and is valid from the date of purchase, for as long as the initial purchaser owns the product. This warranty covers defects in material and craftsmanship found during normal usage of the product during the warranty period. Normal usage is defined by 8 hour shifts in the product’s intended application and in an indoor environment that conforms to the ANSI/ASHRAE Standard 55: Thermal Environmental Conditions for Human Occupancy (relating to air temperature, mean radiant temperature, air velocity, clothing insulation, metabolic rate, and humidity). Friant’s warranty does not cover usage other than normal usage as defined in the previous sentence. If the product is defective, and if written notice of the defect is given to Friant & Associates within the applicable warranty period, Friant & Associates, at its option, will either repair or replace the defective product with a comparable component or product. This warranty applies to all products except as noted below. High wear parts, such as wood veneer, fabrics, laminates and other covering material/finishes, foam. glides, etc. are warranted for one (1) year. This warranty does not apply to damage caused by a carrier, alteration to the product not expressly authorized by Friant & Associates, nor to product considered to be of a consumable nature such as bulbs, light ballasts, etc. It also does not apply to “Customer’s Own Material” (i.e. material specified by the customer that is not a standard Friant & Associates offering) used in the manufacture of Friant & Associates products. Our warranty for LED lights is 2 years. Friant & Associates does not warrant the matching of colors, grain or texture, except to within commercially acceptable standards. This includes normal variations between dye lots (fabrics). A product will not be considered defective, and Friant & Associates will not be obligated to replace it, if it is not installed in a proper manner (i.e. product not leveled, not secured properly, etc.) or if it is not used in a manner and/or in an environment that constitutes normal usage, as defined above. Except as noted above, Friant & Associates makes no express or implied warranties to any product, and in particular makes no warranty of fitness for any particular use. At Friant & Associates’ option, product repair and replacement is the customer’s exclusive remedy for any and all product defects. Friant & Associates shall not be liable for consequential, economic, or incidental damages arising from any product defect.