Sit-Stand Desks

sitstandcollage4.jpgThe research is in and it is now widely accepted that sitting at a desk all day long can be detrimental to one's health! Our bodies are made to move and keeping them active, keeps the circulation going, which allows us to be more healthy, alert and creative. Our sit-stand desk selection encompasses a wide range of price points and a choice of either a full sit-stand desk, a sit-stand desk base only that you can use with your own table top surface, or a smaller footprint sit-stand "desktop" that can be placed on your own table or desk, allowing you to raise or lower your computer monitor height rather than the whole desk (See our categories below). All adjustable height desks are quality pieces and boast premium names such as HumanscaleWorkrite Ergonomics and ConSet. You may also choose from electronic/motorized lifts that make height adjustment as easy as pressing a button, quiet non-electric counter balance height adjustment mechanisms or simple manual levers or cranks. All of our adjustable height desks are easy to use and will have you mobile in minutes! 

Full installation or inside placement is available in most markets if you are not able to assemble and move the product on your own. Please contact us for a quote and we will arrange this for you. Tops and bases arrive by truck and do require assembly.


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