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The NEW Path Task chair sets a new standard for environmental stewardship, as Humanscale pushes the envelope again for environmentally conscious products. The PATH utilizes recycled material from discarded ocean fishing nets, which are transformed into plastic pellets and then used to manufacture products that begin to reverse the damage that is being done by polluting the oceans with plastic. These nets transform into the patented Form-Sensing Mesh Technology, that provides perfectly tailored comfort. 

Equally as innovative as Path's design is it's new fabric - FormSense Eco KnitTM, a mesh-like textile providing self-adjusting lumbar support and a tailored fit to every user, regardless of their height or weight. Each stitch is individually controlled, creating intricate and systematic patterns with targeted zones of tension. Made with 100% post-consumer recycled polyester from upcycled plastic bottles. Since it is knit exactly to the shape of the chair, it eliminates the need for cutting or sewing, and creates zero waste. Click the upholstery swatch icon above to see the fabric offerings.

Humanscale has always led with design innovation. All of their chairs are engineered to automatically adjust to each person by using their own bodyweight and the laws of physics, rather than traditional recline mechanisms and springs. This saves over 50 parts and 15 pounds of material, creating a product that's better for the sitter and better for the environment. Path is certified by the International Living Future Institute to the full Living Product Challenge — meeting the most rigorous sustainable manufacturing criteria to date. Find out more by watching the short video in the tab above.                   

  • Incorporates nearly 22 pounds of recycled material, including fishing nets 

  • Free of Red List Chemicals, the “worst in class” materials, chemicals and elements that are hazardous to humans and our environment 
  • Available in FormSense Eco Knit™, anti-microbial Lotus fabric, and chrome-free leathers 

  • Designed for inclusivity of the 95th percentile of the population, ensuring a personalized fit to every body type
  • Seats, back and arms are replaceable without the need to discard the entire chair
  • No glue used in upholstery process so fabric won't delaminate or wrinkle over time
  • Greaseless cylinders to ensure that dirt and grit doesn't build up and compromise the performance of the chair
  • Gravity Mechanism™ provides automatic support as soon as someone sits in the chair simply by using the sitter’s weight
  • Pivoting backrest provides additional lumbar as needed
  • Armless, Duron fixed or adjustable height arms
  • Carefully sculpted seat cushions provide an increased contact area to reduce common pressure points
  • Standard 5" seat height cylinder provides adequate seat height for 95% of sitters
  • Standard carpet casters or optional soft casters for hard floor surfaces or braking casters
  • Made in the USA
  • 15 year Warranty
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Humanscale plans to to leave the world better than they found it, and better for you. Time is running out to be neutral. We are focused on having a net positive effect on the environment, and our mission is to give back more than we take.

Create Environmentally Friendly Spaces with Humanscale

Humanscale is passionate about helping you design projects with minimal environmental impact. 

Humanscale offers options for customers to “close the loop” and dispose of products in the most responsible way possible. Rather than sending them to landfills, we would like to make it easier for our customers to repurpose their products. 

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Overall Dimensions with Adjustable Arms:
24.41" W x 16.30”- 18.70" x 35.625” - 40.75”H
Seat Width:
Seat Depth:
16.30”- 18.70"
Seat Height with Standard Cylinder:
15.55” - 20.87”
Backrest Width:
Backrest Height:
Distance Between Arms:
Adjustable Armrest Height:
6.69” - 9.87”
Fixed Armrest Height:
Base Diameter:
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