Order cancellations can happen and if they do you must notify us immediately by landline, chat or e-mail. Providing that we can catch your order before it leaves the facility it's a fairly simple matter. We cancel and issue you a refund. If the order cancellation involves a custom or special order product and if it has entered the production cycle at the factory the order cannot be cancelled in many cases. Certain factories permit a cancellation prior to shipment with a hefty re-stock fee while others prohibit it entirely. All orders for Hon and Basyx products cannot be cancelled once they enter into the Hon production schedule which is 24 hours. Cancellations and product change requests cannot be accommodated beyond this short time frame. To be sure always notify us right away if you change your mind or if circumstances beyond your control arise. You may contact us at 888-355-4999.

If the product is en-route and you decide to cancel you must first accept the product and then contact us to make alternate arrangements. Do not refuse the shipment when it arrives for it will then be shot back to the factory and re-stock, transit and other associated charges will take place much greater than if you simply accept it and then make plans with us in terms of taking the next step.