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Spacemakers by Loftwall offer Wavewall room dividers that filter light and sound, with their wave-like panels. They provide a visual barrier, yet also allow air & light to pass through, adding a beautiful textured visual to any space. In the open plan office craze, we've realized that what we gain in light, airiness and collaboration, we sometimes lose in privacy, quiet and concentration. These Wavewall dividers allow for the best of both worlds. In both the workplace and at home, we all need a certain amount of contemplation and private time to concentrate and be productive. Made of aluminum frames, they are completely recyclable and are assembled in minutes. Check out our quickship products and let us know if we can help in any way. For other Loftwall designs see here

*Custom sizes on orders of 100 or more! Contact us for any options you don't see here.

  • Panels come in white 
  • Freestanding movable wall design
  • Aluminum interlocking modular frame
  • Connect multiple walls with Link
  • Fixed half moon or caster base
  • Custom sizes, materials and options available

Panel Colors


Frame Finish


Half Moon Bases or Casters 






Overall Dimensions:
52"W x 78"H x 13"D, 76"W x 78"H x 13"D, 100"W x 78"H x 13"D
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