is all about simplicity - in both form and function. Whether it's their award-winning chairs that self adjust to the individual user's weight, or their visually elegant lighting and monitor arms, Humanscale office furniture is comfortable and responds to the body's movement. Imagine an open, light-filled space where you move effortlessly through your workday in your mesh back desk chair, with its minimal ergonomic office design and custom lumbar support. You're conscious of your posture while you transition from your chair to your standing computer desk - standing and stretching for a bit. The adjustable monitor mount allows you to easily see your monitor from as many positions as you feel inspired to twist your body into! If you are inspired to burn the midnight oil to finish your project, the Element Disc Task Light will keep you illuminated without strain, while you massage and stimulate your feet (and mind) with the FM300B under desk foot rest. Creating your dream office is easy with the myriad of elegant and ergonomic furniture designs from Humanscale - ergonomic chairs & stools, sit-to-stand work surfaces, lighting, foot rests, keyboard trays, monitor arms and CPU holders. Be conscious, be present, be mobile, be inspired! See our Humanscale office furniture offerings below...  

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