Ashley Trio Under Surface Power Module

Model DEK-305054.01
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Dekko is a great company that specializes in lighting and power & data, with facilities throughout North America. Ashley Trio features three outlets that deliver AC power for high-power devices, two innovative USB ports, and your choice of HDMI, RJ45, VGA, or blank insert. Each USB port utilizes a Smart Device Recognition Chip to monitor and independently deliver the required amperage to your devices — up to 2.1 amps each — and charge them in half the time it takes with similar products on the market. The Ashley Trio’s outlets and USB ports are integrated within a single piece cover. The edge mount metal bracket and plastic face are available in classic White, Gray/Silver, and Black, while the fresh plastic tints include: Neon Red, Harvest Pumpkin, Blue Daisy, and Light Green. Ships in 1 business day for white/silver, ONLY with the 6' cord; all other options ship in 2-3 weeks.

  • Ashley Trio Under Surface Model
  • Power and USB integrated under single cover
  • 3 AC outlet for high-power devices
  • 2 -2.1 amp USB charging ports
  • Choice of HDMI, RJ45 ethernet, VGA, or blank insert
  • Multiple Data Port Adapter options come standard with all Trio models (see below)
  • Fits surfaces .75"-1.5" thick
  • 6' or 10' cord; or 6' or 10' hardwired cord (must be connected by electrician)
  • USB charging is UL 1310 recognized, Class 2, FCC Part 15A approved, and meets Battery Charging 1.2 specification


  • 8.0"W x 1.8"H x 2.8"D (see schematic below)



Multiple Data Port Adapter options come standard with all Trio models





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