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The elegant Varier Kokon Recliner chair allows you to lean back and decompress after a long day at work. It's the perfect executive suite, loft or at home chair in which to lounge, nap or just collect yourself. As with all Varier designs, it responds to your body's shifting movements and support healthy postures. Whether reading, watching a movie, or taking a nap, this recliner and footrest give the perfect balance between relaxation and movement. The active motion in the recliners are designed to follow your body’s natural movement and subtle shifts by tilting, turning and fully reclining. Just engage the lock mechanism should you want to stay in recline and totally let go. Choose from a huge variety of fabrics to customize your eye catching Scandinavian design! You can also choose from five thread colors for the detail stitching. This is true luxury! Ships from Varier, Norway with your custom specs, so please be patient as expedited shipping time is 90 days.  

  • Reclining Chair with Footrest Design by Thomas Pedersen
  • Hand-built in Norway
  • High quality HR polyurethane foam seat and padded back
  • Tilt mechanism responds to your every movement; adjustment handle underneath the chair
  • Available with aluminum cross base
  • Choice of custom upholstery and 5 thread colors for detail stitching
  • Active sitting can improve your circulation and posture
  • Headrest pillow to provide extra comfort in a reclined position, lumbar support
  • Seven-year Varier Warranty on wooden parts; five-year guarantee on mechanisms


  • Chair 28.75"W x 32.75"D x 43.25"H
  • Footrest 18.75"W x 15.50"D x 18"H


Comment: On the fence about buying a Varier chair? We encourage any hesitant customer to try out the Varier chairs. If you don't like it take it apart and return it to us. It's a slim line box that costs little to ship so returns are not costly. We only ask that while you are testing it out, keep it on a carpeted surface so that the bottom runners are not scratched. We take very few of these back and the retention rate is close to 99% which speaks volumes for how happy our customers are with the Varier brand. We think you might enjoy one as well. OfficeChairs USA is an authorized Varier retailer.



      Movement is life, and to live is to move. As a species, we have become so successful at surviving that we created environments where there is no real need to move. The Varier chair is our new friend, and we go from A to B using machines. Sounds good right? Well, not really. The problem is that our DNA has not, over the course of thousands of years, had a chance to adapt to our modern, sedentary lives. Our physiology craves movement. Simply take one look at the statistics regarding low back, neck, and shoulder pain, and you will see that the cost to society is staggering, and rising rapidly. Sitting has become the new smoking. Gluing our butts to traditional chairs leads to a whole host of physiological problems that include decreased muscular activation in the legs, lowered insulin sensitivity, increased risk of back prolapse due to the stretching of the posterior spinal discs, and disturbed breathing patterns, to name but a few.

"The origin and ultimate reason for the brain's existence is not to help us think or feel or create art but to control the movement of the body" - Daniel Wolpert

What we need is movement, and I'm not talking about the frantic Weekend Warrior-ism currently in vogue. No, what we need is a middle ground. Too-little movement leads to tissue stagnancy; muscles shrink and become reflexively tight creating pseudo-stability. Holding bad positions statically for long periods, like sitting hunched over a desk, lead to low-level chronic shear loads across tissues. This creates inflammation and muscle pain; Both of which, you guessed it, aren't awesome. Too-much movement of a very high intensity could potentially damage structures, such as when you break a bone or tear a tendon. Clearly, the path to health is somewhere between the two.

"Motion is lotion"  - A wise man somewhere

The traditional method of tackling this problem has been to either encourage a better posture through improved ergonomics, or to simply get people moving more. The idea behind improving seated posture is to place your joints in a position where they are bio-mechanically strongest against the pull of gravity, thus lowering the net forces impacting the spine, and hopefully reduce the chance of pain occurring. While optimizing posture is critical, what is even more important is avoiding stagnancy.

 “There is no optimal position you can hold forever. It is simply not possible. A good posture will allow you to sit longer without pain, but it will never trump the benefits of moderate, low intensity movement. This is where Varier marries the best of both worlds, with chairs that not only seek to optimize the user's posture, but that continuously encourage movement throughout the day”. -Coach Eddie

Simply using the Varier desk rocking chairs lead to benefits over normal chairs, and your joints will begin to feel a lot better. Don't miss your opportunity for comfort and try a Varier chair today.







Guarantee Varier Furniture offers an extended warranty to customers who register their products in our product database. The warranty is limited and covers only manufacturing defects and does not cover misuse, normal wear and tear and defects caused by exposure to sunlight. Registration gives the right to the following guarantee: 7 years guarantee against fabrication faults on wooden parts 5 years guarantee against fabrication faults on the mechanism This requires a successfully completed registration of the product in our Extended Warranty database, and that the warranty certificate is submitted together with the original receipt (proof of purchase). Once registration is completed, proof of guarantee will be sent to you via email. Varier Furniture Claims and Extended Guarantee – Terms and Conditions Varier Furniture will handle all claims to its products according to current consumer laws, which can vary from country to country. Basically, Varier Furniture does not offer additional rights over and above the current customer laws. Varier Furniture AS, Håhjem, N-6260 Skodje, Norway offers an extended guarantee to customers who register their products in our Guarantee Database. This can be done by accessing our web site Once registered, a proof of guarantee will be issued and sent by mail. Registration gives the right to the following guarantee: 7 year guarantee against fabrication faults on the wooden parts 5 year guarantee against fabrication faults on the mechanism Consumer rights, according to the current consumer law, are in addition to the guarantee and are not affected by the guarantee. Varier Furniture Extended Guarantee is based on the following conditions: Normal use The product being used for the purpose it is designed for The product only being used indoors The product being properly maintained as described in the maintenance/user guide Production of the original purchase receipt To utilize the extended guarantee, proof of guarantee shall be submitted together with the original purchase receipt Varier Furniture Extended Guarantee does not cover: Any condition due to normal wear of the material (for example, color fading and wear and tear) Any condition due to the natural character of the materials (for example, color differences in wood, leather or fabric) Any condition due to influences from external factors such as sun or light, temperature, dampness or pollution Other damages (for example, damage made during fitting, damage to the floor, other furniture, etc.) Under the Extended Guarantee Varier Furniture will: Replace or repair the defective part or product Cover normal transportation costs for the replacement part or product from Varier to the retailer where the product was purchased. The purchaser is responsible for covering the return costs to the retailer. Reserve the right to replace defective parts in colors that are available at the time of the claim. Reserve the right to deliver a replacement product in instances where the product in question is no longer in production at the time of the claim. This product shall be of the same quality and value. Process for making a claim under the Extended Guarantee: Any queries relating to the extended guarantee shall normally be directed to the retailer from whom the product was purchased. Queries should be raised as soon as possible after detection of the defect. A proof of purchase must always be submitted. If a claim is made under the Extended Guarantee, the registration receipt (proof of guarantee) must be produced together with the proof of purchase. The product shall normally be transported to the retailer or be available for inspection by the retailer or Varier’s sales representative. Photographs and other documentation that document the defect or damage shall be provided. If the retailer is certain that the damage is due to a fabrication fault he shall send the claim to Varier Furniture, together with documentation and necessary photographs. Varier Furniture shall evaluate repair or replacement of the product or replacement of any part due to fabrication error. Other conditions that could affect the Extended Guarantee: The cushions will change form following normal use and age. This must not be confused with loss of elasticity which can be attributed to a fabrication fault. The cover (both material and leather) will stretch as a result of normal use. This must not be confused with loss of elasticity which can be attributed to a fabrication fault. Folds and wrinkles may occur and are not grounds for a claim. Lack of cleaning could seriously impact the lifetime of the furniture. Any cover that is a synthetic material (for example, micro fibers) will on movement against the surface of the cushion, generate static electricity. This may prevent the cover reverting back to its original form after rising from the chair. The purchaser may perceive these as wrinkles or folds. However, these are temporary and can be removed by a single stroke of the hand. This must not be confused with loss of elasticity or problems with the shape which can be attributed to a fabrication error.