SlimLine™ CPU Holder

Model INT-25801
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SlimLine™ CPU Holder easily swivels and retracts, allowing maximum flexibility. Eliminates unnecessary, unnatural bending motion to load media or access cabling. The 360° swivel option provides easy access to CPU cable inputs - no more crawling under or behind your desk. Lifetime Warranty from Intellaspace. Ships Free in 1-2 Business Days.



  • For CPUs up to 75 lbs., 64” perimeter and at least 3.75“ wide
  • Includes “Cinch and Lock” device adjusted with tool stored within unit
  • Safety features prevent accidental release of strap tension and the straps can be tightened while the CPU is suspended
  • 17.75“ track included
  • Steel, Stardust silver powder coated
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Ships Free in 1-2 Business Days


Download the SlimLine™ CPU Holder PDF









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