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QuickStand Large Platform Single Monitor Mount

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The QuickStand large platform single monitor mount by Humanscale raises the bar for sit-to-stand desks. The QuickStand Large Platform Single Monitor Mount by Humanscale raises the bar in sit/stand desk. The QuickStand single monitor mount seamlessly transforms any fixed-height desk, into a sit-to-stand desk. This desktop computer mount simply just clamps onto the bottom of the desk. What really sets QuickStand apart from the other sit-to-stand desks is its effortless ability to adjust from a sitting position to a standing position. While sitting or standing the monitor can also be moved up or down as well to the person's needs. This desktop computer mount is equipped with a large platform and a single monitor mount. It is ideal for work surfaces that are 30-36 inches deep. 

This desktop computer mount features a slim design that allows easy cable management and takes up minimal work space. This single monitor mount also comes with unmatched stability regardless of position. This ensures that the keyboard platform remains stable with no bouncing when the user types. These desktop computer mount models come in two metal finishes; Black with Gray Trim and White with Gray Trim.  Ships Free in 10-12 business days.

  •  Dynamic design allows the height-adjustable workstation to clamp to any fixed-height work surface
  • Adjustable keyboard platform enables the work surface to move effortlessly to the user’s desired height
  • Stable build provides reliability to the user
  • Elegant, clean aesthetic complements any designed environment
  • Available in a number of configurations, including those with dual monitor requirements
  • Able to accommodate nearly any application



  • Cable harness pre-installed for easy plug in and go
  • Fully integrated cable management
  • Maximum Moniter Size: 24"
  • Two USB outlets for keyboard/mouse
  • 18” (460 mm) platform height adjustment
  • 5” (127 mm) single/dual monitor display adjustment
  • Work surface clamp has 6” (150 mm) of horizontal adjustment for a 24” (600 mm) up to 36” (900 mm) deep surface
  • Work surface clamp attaches to the back edge of a ½” (13 mm) up to 2¾” (70 mm) thick surface
  • Small Platform Dimensions: 28" W x 17" Deep  

Download the Humanscale QuickStand PDF here. If you are looking for a larger platform mount, check out our comparable Humanscale dual monitor mount.



Create Environmentally Friendly Spaces with Humanscale

Humanscale is passionate about helping you design projects with minimal environmental impact. 

Humanscale offers options for customers to “close the loop” and dispose of products in the most responsible way possible. Rather than sending them to landfills, we would like to make it easier for our customers to repurpose their products. 

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  • Introducing Humanscale's QuickStand - a sit/stand solution for any desk
    Introducing Humanscale's QuickStand - a sit/stand solution for any desk
    Humanscale's QuickStand is the ultimate sit/stand solution for...

Humanscale's QuickStand is the ultimate sit/stand solution for new and existing workstations. Humanscale created QuickStand to encourage users to integrate movement into their days, which is vital to health. For easy installation, QuickStand clamps to any fixed-height work surface and is built with all the cables the user needs to simply plug in and go.