Ovation™ Extended Articulating Arm Slimform™ 19 Keyboard Tray

Model INT-23385
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This Ovation™  Extended Articulating Arm SlimForm™ 19 Keyboard Tray has a fully articulating extended-neck arm is ideal for 36” and 42” corner work surfaces, as well as curved corners. The Ovation Extended features knob-free touch control for height adjustment and a dial knob for easy tilt adjustment. Standard with field-removable positive tilt lockout to accommodate both positive and negative tilt. Lifetime warranty from Intellaspace. Ships Free in 1-2 Business Days.


Ovation™ Articulating Arm

  • Track Length 23”
  • Height Adjustment Lift and Release
  • Tilt Adjustment Rotating Dial Knob
  • Tilt +10º/-15º
  • Height Range 8.5”
  • Base Swivel 360º
  • Positive Tilt Lockout
  • Steel with Black Powder Coat
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Ships Free in 1-2 Business Days


SlimForm™ 27 Keyboard Tray

  • 1/4” thin phenolic allows complete knee clearance
  • Gel palm rest (removable) for maximum ergonomic comfort
  • Gel mouse pad and adjustable mouse catcher with cord manager
  • Tilt & swivel mouse platform easily mounts right or left
  • 19.5” x 11.5”, plus 8.25” diameter mouse surface







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