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We are very excited to be one of the very few distributors of the ONGO Classic sit stand desk stool in North America. This ONGO active sitting design from Germany is the perfect sit stand desk stool. Much of modern life takes place in a seated position but the human body is really engineered for movement. The ONGO active sitting design strikes a balance between these apparently conflicting needs. Naturally, you can sit on it - dynamically. But you can also move on it. The softly curved base responds to any shift in weight, activating the body's musculature. There is even a ball track built into the foot of the ONGO sit stand desk stool that gives acoustic feedback on every movement. It's time to say goodbye to the all too common unhealthy habits of sitting still. When you hear the ball humming along the track, you know you're moving in the right direction! The ONGO Classic Ships Totally Free in 3-5 Business Days. We also sell a different version of the ONGO stool if you prefer a different style seat!

ONGO Sit Stand Desk Stool Dimensions:

  • Black or White Columns
  • 6 different column and fabric combinations
  • Protective non-slip floor protective base
  • 14" seat diameter
  • CFC- free polyurethane seat foam
  • Adjustable pneumatic seat height range of 21.5-30"
  • Automotive grade Polyester (97%) and Spandex (3%) seat covers (replaceable)
  • Activity feedback track with three different behaving marbles
  • User weight capacity of 264 lbs.
  • Made in Germany
  • Ships Free in 3-5 Days

Comment from ONGO GmbH: 'The tall ONGO®Classic is designed for the growing number of desks with adjustable heights because it "grows" easily with them. When used as a tall stool, your legs should create a 135 degree angle in relation to the upper body for optimal circulation. The beauty is that you can use it at a tall desk or conference table or at the bar in the kitchen as a tall stool or as a shorter one in its low position.'


"During my search for an appropriate product, I came across a stool with a curved base. I was impressed with how simple it is to sit actively with this kind of stool, and how effectively you can achieve improved posture and strengthen the muscles of the back this way."


Download a factory brochure in PDF form here.






Unique activity sensor track keeps you 'dialed in' to your degree of movement with the acoustic ball track.

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