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Focal Mobis II Perching Stool

Focal Upright Furniture
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The Mobis II Seat is a bold new take on the ergonomic task chair. This perching seat or some may say stool, offers the ideal level of upright support for those at the office, retail, medical facility or just about anywhere else. This ergonomic standing desk stool will keep you moving in an upright and healthy mode increasing your focus and keeping your energy level high. A perfect companion piece for any standing desk, retail kiosk, counter or bench, the Mobis ergonomic standing desk stool is a highly engineered and beneficial work piece for the modern office. Made in the USA. Ships totally free in 2-3 business days. Easy to move and store.

  • Contoured seat cushion w/ EVA foam in four colors
  • Tri-Flex Seat Cushion with a slightly more aggresive forward tilt than the original Mobis
  • Countoured seat pan of fiberglass-reinforced nylon
  • Powder coated anodized extruded aluminum pivoting seat leg
  • Steel gas piston cylinder
  • Delrin leg bushings with limiter
  • Fiberglass-reinforced nylon base shroud
  • Injected glass-reinforced nylon, cast aluminum, high-durometer rubber and high carbon steel leg base
  • Brass and high-carbon steel leg pivot joint
  • Low-durometer rubber base plate grip ring
  • Plated cast zinc height adjustment handles
  • Accomodates users 4'11" to 6'8" in height


  • Height adjustable from 25-35"
  • 16" ellipse base footprint
  • Weighs 16 lbs.
  • Supports users to 300 lbs.
  • Leg bushings provide smooth leg extension and allows 90 degree rotation
  • Leg base design anchors seat and softens movement of the leg
  • Leg pivot joint's range of motion is 10 degrees laterally and from vertical 12 degrees forward
  • Home seat position is 5= degrees forward of vertical
  • Dual height adjustment handles
  • High quality pneumatic height piston
  • Limited lifetime factory warranty
  • Ships fully assembled
  • Ships Free in 2-3 Days

Design Studio Comment: Take a moment to watch the video on this page to better understand the design logic and thought that went into the Mobis perching stool. We think you will enjoy it. Focal has taken the original Mobis and improved it with the new Mobis II version. More 'cushy' but super supportive seat with a 'tad' more forward lean.

If you would like to learn more about the Focal line, download a PDF here. OfficeChairs USA is an authorized Focal retailer.


“The Mobis Seat has transformed my workspace from a 10-12 hour day of unhealthy sitting and lethargy into one of innovative thinking and body positioning contributing to good hip positioning enabling activation of abdominal muscles to enhance posture and eliminate any back pain.”

Peter Salvatore, Senior Manufacturing Process Engineer

For the warranty to be valid, you must:

Have your original proof of purchase (Your receipt or your purchase order work. Your steel-trap memory, unfortunately, does not.)
Have purchased your product from Focal Upright or one of our trusted partners (Purchasing it from Chad on Ebay does not count).

Additionally, there are few cases in which the warranty does not apply:

Normal wear and tear
Abuse, misuse, or accident
Damage due to improper installation
The substitution of any unauthorized non-Focal components for use in the place of Focal components
Damage caused by a carrier or due to transport
Any damage due to service, maintenance, modifications or tampering by anyone other than an authorized Focal representative

Warranty Information by Product

Mogo Seat-blk cushion, extended
1 Year Warranty

Mobis Seat-blk cushion, right 3-4 view
Lifetime Warranty with the Following Exemptions:
5 Year Warranty: Seat Cushion, Piston

Locus Seat-blk, blk cushion, right 3-4 view
Lifetime Warranty with the Following Exemptions:
5 Year Warranty: Seat Cushion, Piston, Wheels, Grip Tape
All Desks

Locus Sphere-blk, no seat
Lifetime Warranty with the Following Exemptions:
1 Year Warranty: Desk Mat
5 Year Warranty: Lifting mechanism
10 Year Warranty: Desk Top
All Tables

Confluence-8_perspective_no mobis-black top
Lifetime Warranty with the Following Exemptions:
5 Year Warranty: Lifting mechanism
10 Year Warranty: Table Top
Anti-Fatigue Mat

5 Year Warranty
Foot Rest

Foot Rest_perspective
5 Year Warranty
LED Light

5 Year Warranty
All Desk Shelves

Sphere Desk Fixed Shelf_black
Lifetime Warranty with the Following Exemptions:
10 Year Warranty: Shelf Top
Cable Tray

Locus Desk Fixed Shelf, black
Lifetime Warranty
iMac Bracket

iMac Bracket
Lifetime Warranty
Desk Stabilizers

Lifetime Warranty

  • Mobis Seat - Usage
    Mobis Seat - Usage