Electric Height Adjustable L-Desk

Model CON-501-37-L-DESK
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This space efficient 'L' shaped height adjustable work desk has a lifting capacity of 220 lbs. and is available quick ship in a variety of base and top color combinations.  Maple or Walnut tops along with a choice of Silver, White or Black columns will integrate well with just about any work environment or space. This table can lower to 22"" and raise all the way up to 48". Top surfaces are 1" thick in a double sided melamine surface with a 2 mm matching protective edge banding. Use it as a solo unit or a work-surface for group formations and meetings. Most versatile. Ships free in 5 Business Days.

  • Silver, Black or hard to find White metal height adjustable electric base
  • Maple or Walnut 1" thick double sided melamine work-surfaces
  • Height range of 22-48"
  • Main work-surface measures 70.875"W x 23.625"D
  • Reversible wing section work-surface measures 47.25"L x 23.625"D
  • Premium 3 stage telescopic leg columns
  • Lifting capacity of 220 lbs.
  • Wing extension (smaller work-surface can be mounted on either side) is reversible
  • Standard center positioned grommet for wire pass through on both work-surfaces
  • Max speed is 1.2" per second
  • Optional programmable membrane keypad / standard keypad is a simple up down as illustrated
  • Ships free 
  • Easy to assemble
  • Tested and approved by ANSI/BIFMA


  • Main desk measures 70.875"W x 23.625"D
  • Wing extension measures 47.25" L x 23.625"D
  • 22" - 48" adjustable top height
  • 220 lb. weight capacity

Work-surfaces in Centimeters:

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