Acoufelt Mobile U-Divider Privacy Panels

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Acoufelt™ has been devoted to "Making Quiet™" for workplaces and living spaces, and now makes privacy PET acoustic panels made from the same eco-friendly post-consumer material. FilaSorb™ is made from a substantially heterogeneous blend of fibers for specific acoustic results (60% recycled plastic beverage bottles collected from landfills and oceans). Research has indicated that Coronavirus and other closely related viruses become inactive quicker on porous and absorbent surfaces, like FilaSorb™ felt. Porous material allows for increased air movement and as opposed to hard materials like plexiglass, it increase privacy & warmth, while acting as dampen noise. This model, Acoufelt Mobile U-Divider is freestanding and easy to set-up and move around for transitional workspaces. It can also be ordered in an L-shape if you need an open side. If you'd like a more permanent solution see the Acoufelt Interlocking U-Shaped PET Acoustic Privacy PanelsAcoufelt is about innovative solutions that design for the ears as well as the eyes and is dedicated to sustainable solutions and green practices. Ships in 1-2 weeks for Gray; all others 4-6 weeks. 

  • Freestanding U-shaped or L-shaped desk dividers (2 sides)
  • Stain & bacteria resistant - research has indicated that Coronavirus and other closely related viruses become inactive quicker on porous and absorbent surfaces, like felt
  • Able to be sanitized with spray disinfectants
  • Sound absorbency creates improved workplace productivity 
  • Made of >60% recycled content
  • 100% recyclable at its end life
  • 132 recycled bottles per desk divider removed from oceans and landfills
  • Indoor Air Quality Low VOCs emission, formaldehyde and Phenol-free
  • Tackable surface
  • Easy to assemble and move around - watch the video on the video tab above




  • 36"W x 18"D x 16"H
  • all panels .5" thick


PET Acoustic Fabric Colors (*2-3 week lead time standard colors; others have longer lead time and upcharge)

Lipstick Red, Carrot, Butter, Wasabi, Denim, Azur, Marine, Midnight, Piano Black*, Charcoal*, Slate*, Grey*, Metal*, Platinum*, White, Ivory, Pearl














Acoufelt provides a limited warranty from the date of installation against undue loss of condition due specifically to faulty materials and workmanship in manufacturing. Our warranty covers the following: Acoufelt warrants that products conform to specifications established for the product and subject to normal use under general contract category for the period of 20 years after installation date. The product will maintain its physical characteristic and acoustic properties throughout the warranty period. Acoufelt products come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law. The benefits under this warranty are in addition to your other rights and remedies under a law in relation to the goods to which this warranty relates (the Australian Consumer Law). Installation Environment This product is designed for indoor use in typical commercial, residential and institutional type environments. Use in areas that significantly vary from this type of environmental condition may result in a performance that falls outside of this warranty. This warranty excludes any consequence of faulty or improper installation or faulty maintenance and is subject to the following conditions: 1. Installation must be in accordance with the current “Acoufelt Installation Guide”. 2. A full maintenance program is agreed and carried out throughout the life of the product. Please refer to the “Acoufelt Panel Care Guide”. 3. If a product fails to perform as warranted, Acoufelt will correct the affected area either by repair or (at its option) replacing the defective part of the panel/s with an Acoufelt product of equal quality, or (at its option) pay for the cost of replacement of the defective part of the product. 4. Should replacement of any Acoufelt products be required, Acoufelt will not be responsible for the movement of electrical wiring or outlets or costs and expenses associated with construction or removal of furniture, partitions, temporary walls or any other fixtures, fittings, plant or equipment whatsoever which are located on, above or around the area in which the product is installed. 5. Acoufelt requires the original sale receipt or other documentation as proof of warranty coverage. The warranty does not include: 1. Moisture, dust, stains or other contaminants from daily use. 2. Any condition resulting from a use for which the product was not designed. 3. Differential shading from direct sun light exposure, shading. 4. Tear, burns, pulls, cut, damage resulting from improper maintenance and installation. Acoufelt strives to fulfil the needs of its customers by producing the highest quality felt products. However due to the fine, fibrous and textural nature of the product, slight visual imperfections may be seen when viewing the product from less than 1 to 1.5 meters. These slight visual imperfections however, are within normal industry manufacturing tolerances.